Note: Installation of this package is required for following Learn To Code Kit

  1. Musical Elf Ornament With LED Kit

Step By Step Installation

  1. Open Arduino application on your computer, if it not already open
  2. In the Arduino application go to the “File” menu and select “Preferences”
  3. In the box labeled “Additional Boards Manager URLs” enter:
    and click OKentryNote: If you already have additional URLs entered in that box, then click the button on the right of the box and enter this URL on a new line.
  4. Go to the “Tools” menu and then the “Board” submenu – select “Boards Manager” and then from the type drop down select “Contributed”:
    Select the “Digistump AVR Boards” package and click the “Install” button.
    digispark_installYou’ll see the download progress on the bottom bar of the “Boards Manager” window, when complete it will show “Installed” next to that item on the list.
  5. WINDOWS USERS: When complete the install with pop up a Driver Install Wizard window, please click “Next” on this Window to install the drivers for Digistump Boards (If you already have them installed, this installer will update them and install any that are missing)
    With the install complete, close the “Boards Manager” window and select the Digispark from the Tools→Boards menu. “Digispark (Default – 16.5mhz)” is the board that should be selected by all new users.
    The install is now complete!
  6. Only for Mac users: After you install Digispark software, you need to make following two files executable. To do this, first open up the Terminal application on your Mac then run the following three commands on the Terminal, otherwise you might get this error message uploading or software to the micro controller:

    $ cd ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/digistump/tools/micronucleus/2.0a4/
    $ chmod a+wx launcher
    $ chmod a+wx micronucleus

  7. Test the installation with the Digispark USB Micro controller with the Arduino IDE:
    1. From the Tools menu select Board→Digispark (Default – 16.5Mhz) – The Tools→Programmer selection does not matter
    2. Open Digispark getting started example.
      (Do not need to plug in your Digispark before invoking upload)
      On Arduino software: Go to File→Examples→Digispark Examples→Start
    3. Hit the upload button (right arrow). The bottom status box will now ask you to plug in your Digispark – at this point you need to plug it in – or unplug and replug it.
  8. You’ll see the upload progress and then it will immediately run your code on the Digispark. As soon as it has uploaded you should see the LED start to blink!

Note: If you unplug the Digispark and plug it back in or attach it to another power source there will be a delay of 5 seconds before the code you programmed will run. This 5 second delay is the Digispark Pro checking to see if you are trying to program it.